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Jolly Amigurumi Santa Poo

If you thought I'd get through the rest of 2014 without posting about another piece of crocheted crap, I am delighted to tell you that YOU WERE WRONG.  Obviously the best way to close out the year is with a holiday version of my favorite amigurumi!

Jolly Amigurumi Santa Poo is now the fourth rendition of the Jolly Amigurumi Poo (you can read about the original here and the European versions here).  I used the exact same pattern as the original, with the obvious difference being the addition of his wee Santa hat.  I figured I'd have a hard time finding a pattern for a perfectly-poo-sized hat, so I made one up.  If you need to crochet a Santa hat for a Jolly Poo or another small amigurumi (the hat is a little over 2.5 inches tall with the pom pom), here's my pattern:

Size F Crochet Hook (I used Red Heart worsted weight acrylic yarn)
In red:
6 SC in Magic Circle
R1: SC around (6)
R2: (Inc + 1 SC) x 3 (9)
R3: SC around (9)
R4: SC around (9)
R5: (Inc + 2 SC) x 4 (12)
R6: SC around (12)
R7: SC around (12)
R8: (Inc + 2 SC) x 4 (16)
R8: SC around (16)
R9: SC around (16)
Switch to white:
R10: (Inc + 1 SC) x 8 (24)
Slip stitch to close and fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

I made the pom pom at the top of the hat using a fork and then just gave it an extreme haircut to make it really small.  Here's a good picture tutorial on fork pom poms (it also shows how to make monstrous pom poms using toilet paper rolls, if that's your thing.)  Make sure to leave a long tail on the pom pom when you tie it off so that you can use it to sew the pom pom to the tip of the hat's cone.

Once the hat is done, pin it to the Jolly Poo in a place you like, then sew it on.  In addition to looking festive on your coffee table or on your bathroom counter, Jolly Amigurumi Santa Poo also makes a cute, albeit ridiculous, ornament- just stick a hook into the tip of his poo head and hang him from your tree.  Make him now and stow him away with your ornaments as you take them down this week- that way you'll be pleasantly surprised (and/or disgusted) when you unpack your decorations for Christmas 2015.

Congratulations, you now possess the most festive feces in the land!


  1. I love the Poos! They are adorable!!


    1. Thanks so much, I'm glad you like them :) I checked out your blog- your pumpkin pattern is super cute!