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Jolly Amigurumi Poo Pattern

What’s that? You’ve always wanted to crochet your very own smiling piece of crap?  WELL NOW YOU CAN. 


I found myself needing an amigurumi poop, but there is a mysterious (or not) lack of cute poop patterns floating around the internet.  Thus, my original pattern for Jolly Poo was born.  I share it with you now so that the internet can finally become a reliable source for feces-related crochet.

Acrylic worsted weight yarn (in any of varying shades of brown depending on your digestive regularity and/or diet)
Size F crochet hook
2 9mm safety eyes
Black embroidery thread
Yarn needle
Embroidery needle
Poly-Fil stuffing (or equivalent)

Things to Know

This is an original pattern by Robyn of Knot Yo Grandma. It has been provided at no charge and cannot be sold or redistributed. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. When referencing this pattern, please link back to this post.

This pattern is worked entirely in the round with single crochet stitches using increases and decreases.   Do not join rounds—continue working in a spiral.  Use a stitch marker to mark the last stitch of each row.

CH= Chain
SC= US Single Crochet (UK Double Crochet)
Inc=Increase (2 stitches in 1 stitch)
st= Stitch(es)
rep= Repeat instructions within *stars*


R1: 6 SC into Magic Circle OR CH 2 and stitch 6 SC in 2nd CH from hook
R2-3: 1 SC in each st around (6)
R4: Inc in each SC (12)
R5-6: 1 SC in each st around (12)
R7: *Inc in next SC,  SC in next st* rep x6 (18)
R8: SC in each st around (18)
R9: *Inc in next SC, SC in next 2 st* rep x6 (24)
R10: *Inc in next SC, SC in next 3 st* rep x6 (30)
R11: *Inc in next SC, SC in next 4 st* rep x6 (36)
R12: 1 SC in each st around (36)
R13: *Dec, SC in next 4 st* rep x6 (30)
R14: 1 SC in each st around (30)
R15: *Inc in next SC, SC in next 4 st* rep x6 (36)
R16: *Inc in next SC, SC in next 5 st* rep x6 (42)
R17: *Inc in next SC, SC in next 6 st* rep x6 (48)
R18: *Inc in next SC, SC in next 7 st* rep x6 (54)
R19-21: SC in each st around (54)
R22: *Dec, SC in next 7 st* rep x6 (48)
R23: *Dec, SC in next 6 st* rep x6 (42)
R24: *Dec, SC in next 5 st* rep x6 (36)
R25: *Dec, SC in next 4 st* rep x6 (30)
R26: *Dec, SC in next 3 st* rep x6 (24)
Place safety eyes and clip backings into place.  Start stuffing.
R27: *Dec, SC in next 2 st* rep x6 (18)
R28: *Dec, SC in next st* rep x6 (12)
R29: Dec x 6 (6)

If there is still a small hole, sew it shut.  Fasten off and hide the yarn end in the poop. Embroider the mouth.

Now you have a happy little lump of waste to keep you company.  I’ve noticed that a lot of amigurumi patterns have instructions that say “embroider the nose” or “stitch on the mouth,” but the explanation pretty much ends there.  If you’re new to amigurumi-making and aren’t sure exactly what embroidery entails, here’s a great video tutorial.

If anybody uses the pattern, (doubtful, as the end result is stuffed feces…) do share!  If you mention the pattern anywhere (also doubtful), please remember to link back to my original post. 


Jolly Poo bids you adieu.


  1. My fiance insisted, after seeing this guy on ravelry, that I make him a stuffed poop. xD Thank you for the quick and easy to follow pattern, you have helped me make a very happy man (even if I did get a bit lazy with the mouth).

  2. Haha he looks great! Thanks so much for sharing :D

  3. Think I'm gonna make a stress ball out if this guy that way we can squeeze the ----- outta it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'm about to make this with red heart unforgettable in candied and give my daughter a unicorn poop! Thank you soooooooo much for the pattern! I will post a pic when I'm finished!

  6. LOVE it!!! Now to be able to make it!!!

  7. This is so adorable! My sister JUST asked me why I never crochet her shit. Guess what she's getting?! Thanks for the easy to follow pattern!

  8. This is amazing! I work in diarrheal disease prevention, so I'll be making one to proudly display at work!